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Beach Electronics and Manufacturing, Inc. was formed in 1990 starting as the Limited Addition Company.  Founders, Ron and Terry Komornik, visualized a company that would make additions to the company structure as it expanded. When the business was incorporated in 1992, the business name was changed to Beach Electronics & Manufacturing, Inc. (BeachEM).   The new name is a better reflection of the type of services we provide. Our business grew despite the emerging economic difficulties and government cutbacks.   

Year after year passed, production increased and decreased.  BeachEM stayed the course and took some chances.  By 1995 we took a hard look at the company's prospects.  Our focus was to maintain quality control, remain debt free, and provide great customer service.  Although BeachEM is comparatively smaller than other companies we have accomplished some amazing results.  

In November 2004, our debt free strategy altered from debt free to debt smart.   Our track record has paid off and as owners we feel that our business will greatly benefit from the venture of this new facility.   The building process continued for the next six months and the business was moved into the new facility on May 26, 2005.  We are in full operation at our new facility.  Customization of the new facility is ongoing as we strive to make our work areas efficient and able to handle the multifaceted aspects of Industrial Repair, Fabrication, or Refurbishment of equipment. 

Follow our Construction progress by visiting the Production Road page.